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Hunchha Digital helps Vishwa Adarsha Academy to separate and redesign a single website into different portals according to their respective educational programs.

Project Overview

Vishwa Adarsh is an educational institution that includes a school, a +2 level college, and a bachelor-level college. They wanted a different platform to showcase all the activities and manage their enterprise portfolio. They also faced multiple challenges with their website, including a down website, and an outdated design that lacked necessary features such as result and notice updates. To tackle these issues, they turned to Hunchha Digital, a trusted web development, custom software development, and app development IT company at itahari.

Hunchha Digital worked closely with Vishwa Adarsh to develop a more streamlined and user-friendly website design, incorporating features such as results and notice updates to improve overall functionality and organizational visibility in the market.

The project involved migrating data, designing and implementing custom modules, and enhancing the website's functionality. The Hunchha Digital team worked tirelessly to complete these tasks, providing regular updates and ensuring open communication with Vishwa Adarsh throughout the project.


Vishwa Adarsha Academy is one of the well-known academies that aims to impart quality education to students, particularly in the Eastern region of Nepal. They help to provide a unique educational experience for students. They aim to build an inspirational and supportive educational institution for academic excellence. To fulfill this goal and stay at the forefront of educational industries, they have been working continuously for  24 years.


One of the biggest challenges we were presented with was understanding the requirement and gathering the necessary details about the organization. Since Vishwa Adarsha Academy consists of different academic levels, they have a large set of data and valuable information and we have had to visit them several times before executing them with professionalism and ensuring client satisfaction. That’s what the Hunchha Digital team did for the client. Our Hunchha Digital team ensured that the information gathering and task implementation were performed without distraction.

Our Solution

Despite the obstacles, the Hunchha Digital team remained committed to delivering a high-quality project that met the academy's needs. Hunchha personally visited the academy to gather all the necessary videos and pictures required for the website, and they continuously worked in the field to gather all the information needed. This dedication to understanding the client's needs allowed the Hunchha Digital team to create a website that reflected the academy's values and mission. By working with Hunchha Digital, Vishwa Adarsha has shown tremendous satisfaction with the result achieved. By going through the response, it has been evident that a fine understanding of tools, detailed briefing, and competitive deliveries ensure the overall satisfaction of the client and satisfied with our work. Are you also facing the same issues? Feel free to contact us at 9824386694, the best Hunchha Digital Expert.