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React JS Course

Boost web skills with React.js Fundamentals. Master components, state, and real projects, and conquer React.js confidently. Ideal for all levels.

React JS Course

Course Description

Are you ready to dive into the world of modern web development? Our React.js Fundamentals course is your gateway to building dynamic and interactive user interfaces with ease. React.js has taken the web development community by storm, and for good reason. This course is designed for both beginners and experienced developers looking to harness the power of React.

In this hands-on course, you'll learn the core concepts of React.js, starting from the fundamentals and gradually progressing to more advanced topics. You'll discover how to create reusable components, manage state and props, and handle user interactions efficiently. Our expert instructors will guide you through real-world projects, giving you practical experience that you can apply immediately.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to React.js and its ecosystem
  • Component-based architecture
  • JSX (JavaScript XML) for declarative UI
  • State management and props
  • Handling user events and forms
  • Routing with React Router
  • Fetching data from APIs
  • Building responsive and mobile-friendly applications
  • Best practices for maintaining and scaling React applications

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop dynamic web applications using React.js. Whether you're looking to enhance your career prospects or embark on a new coding journey, React.js Fundamentals is your gateway to mastering this popular JavaScript library.

Join us today and start building cutting-edge web applications with React.js!


  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with ES6 syntax is a plus but not required

Who Should Enroll:

  • Front-end developers looking to expand their skillset
  • Web developers interested in modern UI development
  • Students and enthusiasts eager to learn React.js
  • Anyone looking to build interactive web applications


Module 1: Introduction to React.js

  • Understanding React's significance in modern web development.
  • Exploring React's ecosystem and its role in building dynamic UIs.

Module 2: Component-Based Architecture

  • Delving into the concept of components and their reusability.
  • Building your first React component.

Module 3: Declarative UI with JSX

  • Harnessing the power of JSX for intuitive and declarative user interfaces.
  • Creating JSX elements and components.

Module 4: State Management and Props

  • Learning how to manage state within React components.
  • Passing data through props for component communication.

Module 5: Handling User Events and Forms

  • Implementing event handling for user interactions.
  • Building interactive forms and managing form data.

Module 6: Routing with React Router

  • Navigating between pages seamlessly using React Router.
  • Implementing client-side routing for single-page applications.

Module 7: Fetching Data from APIs

  • Making asynchronous API requests and handling responses.
  • Integrating external data sources into your React application.

Module 8: Building Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Applications

  • Ensuring your React app looks great and functions well on various devices.
  • Applying responsive design principles.

Module 9: Best Practices for Maintaining and Scaling React Applications

  • Adopting industry best practices for code organization and maintainability.
  • Strategies for scaling React applications.

Final Project: Apply Your Knowledge

  • Put your skills to the test with a hands-on real-world project.
  • Build a fully functional React application from scratch.


  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with ES6 syntax is beneficial but not mandatory.

NPR 10000

Duration: 1 month

Course Type: Online / Offline

Category: Frontend Development