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Flutter fundamentals

Master the art of building cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter. This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know to create stunning, high-performance apps for both iOS and Android.

Flutter fundamentals

Course Description

Unlock the potential of cross-platform mobile app development with our comprehensive Flutter Mobile App Development course. Flutter, developed by Google, has taken the mobile app development world by storm with its rapid development capabilities and beautiful user interfaces.

Course Highlights:

    •    Fundamentals of Flutter: Dive into the basics of Flutter, including its architecture, widgets, and development environment setup.
    •    User Interface Design: Learn to create stunning, responsive UIs using Flutter’s widget library and design best practices.
    •    State Management: Master the art of managing app states efficiently for a smooth user experience.
    •    Navigation: Implement navigation within your app, including tab navigation and routing.
    •    API Integration: Connect your app to external data sources, RESTful APIs, and databases.
    •    Platform-Specific Code: Customize your app for iOS and Android with platform-specific code.
    •    Animations: Add delightful animations and motion to your app for an engaging user experience.
    •    Testing and Debugging: Ensure the quality of your app through effective testing and debugging techniques.
    •    Deployment: Publish your app to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
    •    Real-World Projects: Work on practical projects to apply your knowledge and build a portfolio.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and confidence to create cross-platform mobile apps that can run seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices.


Module 1: Introduction to Flutter

    •    Explore the significance of Flutter in modern mobile app development.
    •    Set up your development environment for Flutter, including installation and configuration.

Module 2: Dart Programming Fundamentals

    •    Dive into Dart, the programming language used in Flutter.
    •    Learn about variables, data types, control structures, and functions in Dart.

Module 3: Flutter Widgets and User Interfaces

    •    Understand the widget-based architecture of Flutter.
    •    Create and customize widgets for building interactive user interfaces.

Module 4: State Management in Flutter

    •    Explore various state management techniques in Flutter.
    •    Implement stateful widgets and manage application states effectively.

Module 5: Navigation and Routing in Flutter

    •    Develop multi-screen Flutter applications with proper navigation.
    •    Utilize Flutter’s navigation and routing system for smooth user experiences.

Module 6: User Input and Forms

    •    Capture and process user input in Flutter apps.
    •    Build and validate forms to enhance user interactions.

Module 7: Networking and API Integration

    •    Connect Flutter apps to external data sources using APIs.
    •    Retrieve and display dynamic data within your app.

Module 8: Local Data and Storage

    •    Store and retrieve data locally in Flutter apps.
    •    Work with databases and local storage for efficient data management.

Module 9: Flutter Animations and Gestures

    •    Enhance user experiences by adding animations and gestures.
    •    Create engaging and interactive app elements with Flutter animations.

Module 10: Testing and Debugging in Flutter

    •    Ensure the quality and reliability of your Flutter apps through effective testing.
    •    Use debugging techniques and tools to identify and resolve issues.

Module 11: Deployment and App Distribution

    •    Prepare your Flutter apps for deployment to app stores.
    •    Explore strategies for distributing and publishing your Flutter applications.

Module 12: Real-World Projects and Final Presentation

    •    Apply your Flutter skills to develop practical mobile applications.
    •    Showcase your final projects and celebrate the successful completion of the course.

NPR 30000

Duration: 3 months

Course Type: Online / Offline

Category: Mobile App Development